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Kate first started writing about the Craft in 1995.  Initially producing information pamphlets for a shop in Devon, later this progressed on to more detailed essays for her growing training Coven. The 'Religion, Ritual & Magic' article, also on this site, had its origins in this period, though it has received regular revisions. Through a chance meeting with Steve Paine, at that time part of Pagan Media Ltd., Kate was encouraged to combine these essays into a cohesive work. With the assistance and knowledge of David Williams, Kate began work on what was to become her first book...

Born in Albion the Re Birth of the Craft
David Williams & Kate West

 This was released by Pagan Media Ltd. in 1996. Essentially a guide to beginners in the
 Craft, It tries to demystify the practical aspects of the religion, whilst destroying none of
  the spirituality. It is the culmination of teaching a training Coven to 1st Degree and the
  experience shows! 'Born in Albion' contains many of Kate's key hallmarks as a writer.
 Her skill at putting, what to many is an ethereal topic, firmly down to earth. Her advice is
 always practical and sensible and with a range of options and suggestions as to how to
 proceed. Also a firm emphasis on what feels right to the individual, rather than a, 'do as I say', type of approach.

Born in Albion has been re-released as ‘Real Witchcraft: An Introduction’ by Mandrake Press in June 2003.
Reviewers of 'Born in Albion' said....

'An excellent Wiccan primer' - Janet & Stewart Farrar & Gavin Bone

'One of the better books on the subject of Witchcraft' - Maxine Sanders


The Real Witches Handbook
Kate West