Kate West

Hearth & Home

We' re realpeople honest!

I have been asked for personal and biographical details on a number of occasions.  I can't but think that this is a long way from the most interesting of things to read, but, here goes:

Kate was born in 1957 and raised in Kent, since then she has travelled a fair proportion of the world, and resided in many different places.  She discovered in her late teens that the path she was seeking was called Witchcraft.  At around the same time her eldest brother was studying for the Priesthood of the Church of England.  Kate has been a Civil Servant, Veterinary Nurse, Employment and Management Consultant before succumbing to the Mother Goddess and raising a child.



Great animal lovers, Kate and Steve currently share their lives with Dylan - 42kgs of black German Shepherd, and five shepherd-intimidating cats; Spooks, Grimalkin, Sprocket, Hex and Midnight.  Dylan is one of a litter of dogs sired by Merlin who has appeared on one of the Legend CDs.  Of that litter, and subsequent puppies from the same line, many have found homes within the Hearth of Hecate and the Craft in general. 

"We can't imagine our lives without animals, and anyway they always seem to find us!".  At one point Kate lived with 13 permanent cats (some of whom just moved in) plus between 2 and 10 foster animals.  Including from time to time; dogs, cats, foxes, hedgehogs, a ferret, a raven called Edgar Allen Crow, and other birds.