Kate West

Mags Harman

In memory of Mags Harman. A dear friend.
This year 2003 saw the loss of one of the key members of the Hearth of Hecate and the following is her obituary, as written for several other Pagan and Wiccan forums:

Mags Harman
It is with great sadness that I write to tell you that Mags Harman passed away on Monday 10th February.  Many of you will be aware that Mags was hospitalised in Glasgow in May of last year and had, since then, undergone many serious operations.  She struggled valiantly all these many months against her illness but finally lost the battle earlier this month.
Mags has been a tireless worker on behalf of the Craft and Paganism and many of you will remember her from Pagan conferences up and down the country, where her enthusiasm and energy were always an example to us all.  She always had a smile and a ready cuppa for any who needed one.  Some of you may only know Mags through her wares; from the Tybol diaries, to magical incenses, Craft jewellery and the splendid Bears, each item was crafted with the love and care with which only a true exponent of the Craft could imbue them.
Mags was a key member of the Hearth of Hecate and at the forefront of all our activities, indeed she stepped into my shoes many a time when the occasion demanded.  She was one of the prime organisers and motivators of the PaganCon conferences held at the Grasshoppers Rugby club.  There are no words which can express how deeply she will be missed by us all.
At this time our hearts, minds and thoughts go out to William, her husband and partner, who was by her side throughout her illness and who needs and deserves all our Blessings, love and support.  I am sure that Mags would join me in asking that everyone remembers his loss and gives freely of any energy they can spare towards his healing.  We also remember her mother Doris, who has suffered that loss which no parent ever expects to meet.
In the love of the Goddess we will meet and know and love once again.
Blessed Be
Kate West
Mags’ funeral took place on the 20th of February and her partner and husband, William asked that any well wishers should send no flowers, but rather that donations go to the High Dependency Unit, Victoria Infirmary, Langside Road, Glasgow, where Mags received the care and kindness she needed during her long illness.  Should any of you feel that you wish to make a contribution, however small, to this worthwhile group of carers, then please send it to that address.
Thank you and Many Blessings, Kate )O(