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Putting a positive face on the Craft.



Kate has had much experience of dealing with Media, both press and broadcast. As well as being Vice President of the Pagan Federation from 1997 - 2000, she was also Media Officer. She is currently the Media representative of The Children of Artemis.

Kate West High Priestess of the Craft, Author and Speaker - short biography

Kate West has been practising Witchcraft for well over 25 years, and has worked in the Gardnerian, Alexandrian, Traditional and Solitary paths.  She is High Priestess of The Hearth of Hecate, an established working/training Coven with daughter & Grand Daughter groups around the UKShe has served terms of office as both Vice President and Media Co-ordinator of The Pagan Federation, one of the world’s founding Pagan organisations, and is currently the Media Officer for the Children of Artemis, the leading Witchcraft organisations in the UK today, which promotes understanding of, and access to, today’s Witchcraft.


Kate became interested in the Craft in her late teens.  Despite, or because of, studying comparative religion in school and having an elder brother in theological college she found little in the established patriarchal belief systems to meet her spiritual needs.  It was only after some searching that she discovered that the beliefs she held were shared by others and termed Witchcraft.  Kate’s faith has been with her throughout her life and several careers, and found its most open expression since becoming an author in her late 30’s, and a mother in her 40’s.


Kate is a respected author and has written a number of books on the Craft, the most recently published of which is “The Real Witches’ Coven”, which examines the techniques needed to run a group, as well as the (sometimes hilarious) problems and concerns of the HP and HPS.  Her previous books “The Real Witches’ Handbook” and “The Real Witches’ Kitchen” have become best-sellers both in the UK.  TRW Handbook explains how real Witchcraft can be practised by ordinary people with real lives, TRW Kitchen explores the worlds of herbal healing, magic, the making of incenses, candles and ways of feasting through the Wheel of the Year.   She also wrote “A Spell in Your Pocket”, a small gift book provides a pocket sized introduction to the Craft.  And “The Real Witches’ Book of Spells and Rituals” will be published in June 2003.


Her previous works include “Born in Albion - the Re-Birth of the Craft”, the “Pagan Rites of Passage” booklets, and “Pagan Paths Pathworkings”; six interactive guided visualisation tapes.
Kate is in much demand as a speaker on Witchcraft, appearing at Pagan conferences up and down the country, as well as non-Pagan and interfaith groups, recently appearing at the Edinburgh Festival.  She has an impressive list of TV and media credits, including being the subject of a BBC TV Everyman documentary, and appearing several times on “The Heaven and Earth show”.


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