Kate West


The Hearth Hecate



This is the author's Coven.  The Hearth was truly founded in 1996, when the author first moved to Cheshire, from members of the Circle of the Moon (her first group which has itself moved on and developed).  The Hearth has grown from strength to strength in a remarkably short time.  It has to date three daughter Covens, and can call on around 50 active members at any time.  The Hearth also has an internet network of friends and associates who span the globe.  The home of the Hearth used to be Pagan Media Ltd, who sadly closed business at the end of 2001.  Nowadays the headquarters of the Hearth is in the beautiful countryside of North Norfolk. Though it's true home is in the hearts of all its members.




The Hearth is a working and training Coven which meets for the 8 Sabbats, the 12 or 13 Esbats and for each of the New Moons.  In all 33 meetings a year, plus, of course, social and unofficial events.  Additionally, the Hearth attend many conferences, , and the Hearth sends representatives to a number of Pagan events.  The Hearth work indoors and out, although we take a pragmatic approach to the weather - you have to in our neck of the woods!



The Hearth encourages its members to investigate and develop their own interests and talents and can now boast its own; wine maker, incense makers, qualified counsellor and prison minister. silversmith, astrologer, rune diviner, tarot readers, computer and internet specialist, sound and lighting designer, chef, herbalists, culinary arts specialist, mechanic, mover and shifter, as well as authors, and artists in all realms, and just a few of these are our day jobs!  We trust that we live up to the description of healers, teachers and parents.



The Hearth of Hecate is now based in North Norfolk, though it leaves behind Daughter Covens in the North West  as well as Daughter Covens and Grand Daughter covens all over the UK                   




A Daughter Coven of the Hearth of Hecate based in Merseyside